Shorts to End the Summer

14 Aug

As previously mentioned, my play We Have Cookies will be at The Yale Summer Cabaret this weekend as part of their Summer Shorts Festival. The Festival consists of two series of plays, A and B, and We Have Cookies will be in Series B, performing Friday at 8, Saturday at 4, and Sunday at 8. At the afternoon and evening performances Saturday and Sunday, you can marathon both Series A and B in order to enjoy all of these delightful nuggets by Yale School of Drama alumni.

SummerShortsFrom the Yale Summer Cabaret: “To close our season, we are thrilled to bring a four-day festival of brand new short plays by six groundbreaking playwrights whose work was first nurtured and developed at the Yale School of Drama. We believe these playwrights are truly the voices of the future, and the festival will bring their new visionary works to the Cabaret stage. It is an end-of-the-summer, end-of-season Bacchanalia not to be missed.”

Performances of Series A begin tonight, and I’ll be at the Series B performance Sunday night at 8 — come along and join us!

smiley-cookiesWe Have Cookies

by A. Rey Pamatmat

directed by Jessica Holt

Iris has cookies. Blink does, too. Look at all these cookies! How can all the horrors of this modern age happen when we have cookies?

with Jenelle Chu and Annelise Lawson

Part of the Yale Summer Cabaret’s Summer Shorts Festival, Series B
217 Park Street
New Haven, CT
Friday, August 15 @ 8p.m., Saturday, August 16 @ 4p.m.,
and Sunday, August 17 @ 8 p.m.

A Boston Celebration!

24 Jul

Purple-LogoI’m totally that guy who watches all of the X-Men movies in a day or marathons 10 episodes of Twin Peaks or My So-Called Life at a time. Never in my life, however, did I think I (or anyone) would get a chance to catch an A. Rey Pamatmat theatrical double feature.

But guess what?

Check out today’s Season 16 announcement from Boston’s much celebrated Company One. With C1’s production of Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them and the already announced Huntington Theatre Company’s production of after all the terrible things I do both coming next spring, that means when June 2015 rolls around both theatres in the Boston Center for the Arts’s Calderwood Pavilion will be showing plays by yours truly. The Pavilion will be only my plays.


Thank you so much to everyone at Company One and the Huntington for working together to make this amazing event possible. I can’t wait to give Boston as much love as it’s giving me!

Somebody pinch me. Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good…


Busy Bee

26 Jun

I’ve been buzzing all across the Americas lately, so here’s a quick post just to let you know what’s up for the next few months of the summer. There are several opportunities to see my newest work — some short pieces, one long piece, and one really short piece by me in a really long piece by many.

BaptismFirst, The Mysteries extension continues to play at The Flea until July 14th. It includes my play Something in the Water. There are two pics from my play in the trailer I posted before (the one in blue light where everyone is grabbing at mostly naked Jesus — because Baptismal ecstasy is hot! — and another where that scraggly hippy John the Baptist is preaching to his followers). I’ve sent many friends to this play, not a one of them was disappointed, and a great many had their minds blown wide open. It really is that amazing and, frankly, I’m sad that I won’t get to see it a third time. You will never see anything like this epic by Ed Iskandar, et al., so don’t let it pass you by!

Next up, Facing Our Truth: 10-minute Plays on Trayvon, Race, and Privilege, which includes my play Some Other Kid, is making it’s way back to New York on July 13th, this time at Joe’s Pub. I am so thrilled to have my work presented again at The Public. That theatre will always hold a special place in my heart, as will this piece. Please run out and see it if you missed it uptown, support The New Black Fest as they raise awareness about the connections between gun violence and racism, and make a lot of noise that Sunday night!

As mentioned previously, my newest full-length A Power Play; Or, What’s-its-name will be presented at The O’Neill Playwrights Conference on July 16th and 17th. We are now fully cast with many old friends, some O’Neill stalwarts, and a few new faces as well! Come see Scott Drummond, Morgan Everitt, Teresa Avia Lim, Naomi Lorrain, Johnny McKeown, Brian McManamon, Alfredo Narciso, Jon Norman Schneider, Makela Spielman, and DeWanda Wise bring my new piece of magic and madness to life under the direction of May Adrales. Reserve tickets here.

YSC logoAlso in the great state of Connecticut, August 14th – 17th my new one-act play We Have Cookies will be part of the Yale Summer Cabaret’s Summer Shorts Festival. I’m absolutely thrilled to be headed up to New Haven again to make some theatre magic and delighted to have Luke Harlan at the helm!

In summary…

The Mysteries (including Something in the Water) at The Flea, now – July 14, 2014

Facing Our Truth (including Some Other Kid) at Joe’s Pub, July 13, 2014 @ 9:30pm

A Power Play; Or, What’s-its-name at The O’Neill, July 16 and 17, 2014 @ 8:15pm

We Have Cookies at The Yale Summer Cabaret, August 14 – 17, 2014

Thanks, as always, for your support, and I look forward to seeing you at the theatre this summer!

The O’Neill Has Got the Power (Play)

22 May

I’m delighted and honored to announce that A Power Play; Or, What’s-its-name will be presented at the O’Neill Playwrights Conference this summer. This is my second time up to the O’Neill (the first was when Thunder Above, Deeps Below went up back in 2008), and I’m so excited to be headed out to “summer camp” again. The O’Neill Playwrights Conference was truly one of the first places to take my work seriously and celebrate it’s quirkiness, and with the presentation of this 10-character, reverse chronological, multi-ethnic, political play with magical spells (no, really), it seems they’ve done so again.

Read the full announcement on Playbill, Broadway World, or on the O’Neill website and then get ready to head on up to Waterford, CT! Watch us make magic this summer out of a play inspired by stuff like this:

GMPDirector and cast announcements will be coming soon. In the meantime, check out the magic of this amazing trailer for The Mysteries! They shut down for a couple of weeks after this Sunday, but tickets are now on sale for their extended run in June and July.

A Spare Me is Published

26 Mar

A Spare Me, the play I wrote for the students at the Professional Performing Arts School’s Waterwell Drama Program, is now available from Playscripts, Inc.! Order your copy, download an eScript, or license the play for performance here.

There’s also a quick and dirty interview of me on the Playscripts Blog with information about the play, how I started out writing, and some words of wisdom for other playwrights.

spareme-lgA Spare Me

by A. Rey Pamatmat

With Earth’s resources and population dwindling, humanity puts everything it has left into one final generation of children. They are selected for their genius and furnished with everything they could require — including genetically-engineered spare life forms that will ensure no child’s existence is ended by something as trivial as death. But when high school student Sel is replaced by his spare after a tragic accident, his friends begin to reconsider their own identities. As they uncover the dark secrets behind their own lives, both the children and the spares set out to prove they have minds of their own.

More terrible News

18 Mar

logoCheck out the Huntington Theatre Company’s official season announcement in the Boston Globe. If you skip to the end, you’ll see that finishing off their 2014 – 15 slate of plays is none other than after all the terrible things I do! After years of getting to know beautiful, brick red Boston through my visits to Cambridge and the A.R.T. Institute, I’m so delighted to be able to give the city on a hill it’s first look at my work. And, of course, I’m absolutely thrilled that it’s through this play. I’m also excited that Huntington’s Artistic Director Peter DuBois is directing. The work he’s been doing at the theatre (and beyond) has been so emotional, intelligent, and dangerous — the perfect combination for this play.

Broadway World also has the announcement with in depth looks at all of the Huntington’s 2014 – 15 plays. It even includes a quote that makes me sound a bit stuffy. But I did actually say exactly what they printed, so what can you do?

I can’t wait to start out 2014 – 15 as a cheesehead in Milwaukee and finish it out in Beantown. I’m like a burrito.

Super Exciting Double-Posting/Announcement Day, Part 2!!!

25 Feb

Milwaukee Rep LogoI sort of can’t believe it, but it’s on the Internet, so it must be real. Wait a minute… okay, so forget that first part and instead let’s say it’s real because I signed stuff. Like paper stuff. Now it’s real.

My play after all the terrible things I do will have it’s world premiere production at Milwaukee Repertory Theatre this fall. May Adrales, will be directing, reuniting us for our first major show since Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Here’s an additional link about the Rep’s season announcement in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

I know what some of you are thinking: Rey, did you write a play that you didn’t even tell us about? At all? To clear up any confusion, the play used to bear the title And Right Now, but I no longer felt that title served the whole vision of the play. So, yes, this is the play with Linda and Daniel in the bookstore wrestling with issues of bullying, forgiveness, and the truth in between the lines of fiction that was commissioned, developed, and read at South Coast Rep, the Lark Play Development Center‘s Playwrights Workshop, and (of course) in the Ma-Yi Writers Lab.

And so with thanks to all of those places, I hope you’ll join us at Milwaukee Rep in the fall to fully realize this script.

Super Exciting Double-Posting/Announcement Day, Part 1!!!

25 Feb

This is what I get for procrastinating. So I have two big pieces of news and rather than pick which to highlight, I’m going to write two posts today.

This first one, many of you have already seen on Playbill and Facebook and Broadway World and all over creation (good job Marketing team!). If you haven’t, then get out from under that stone — that can’t be comfortable.

MYSTERIESI am very fortunate to be included among the bevy of playwrights commissioned for The Mysteries at The Flea this Spring. It’s another theatrical extravaganza directed by Ed Iskandar of Exit Pursued by a Bear fame. The event itself is an adaptation of the York Mystery Plays for contemporary audiences and features The Flea’s resident company, The Bats. I was commissioned to adapt The Baptism, a.k.a. The Barbers’ Play, after off-handedly remarking how homoerotic it is to see two naked men in a river arguing about who should bathe whom first. And so, out of the River Jordan came my short play Something in the Water.

There are a lot of good friends and admired colleagues among these writers. Check out who they are and what The Flea has to say about the whole spectacle here. I’m so thrilled to be having my work presented in such a venerable space, and to have it alongside other writers I admire so much. This one is going to rock like the Bible has never rocked anyone ever before… except Peter. Just kidding. Bad Jesus joke. Okay, it’s time to just…

End, Part 1.

Mga Kasabihan/Words of Wisdom — Let’s Buy Some Boats!

17 Feb

nvc-logoTonight is the night!

Join me and the rest of the Ma-Yi Writers Lab for our one-night only benefit to provide relief for victims of Hurricane Yolanda/Typhoon Haiyan. We’ve put together an emotional, thoughtful, and hilarious evening of short plays that will showcase new Asian-American acting talent and raise awareness about the still troubled people in the Philippines who lost their lives and livelihoods to the storm.

We had a soul-stirring run through last night, and I couldn’t be more proud of what the playwrights, directors, and actors have put together. I’m not used to leading any charges and all that jazz, so I am beyond proud that what is going to be such an amazing event will be the first event I got to support as newly-appointed Co-Director of the Ma-Yi Writers Lab.

All proceeds for the evening go the The Negrense Volunteers for Change, who will use the funds to build new fishing boats so Filipinos can go back to work and start rebuilding their communities in the wake of the storm. The ticket link will be up until this afternoon here. Check out the details (including a wine reception, raffle prizes, and free yoga classes) on Facebook or the Ma-Yi website. Read about the benefit on Broadway World here. Or just walk up to Playwrights Horizons, 416 West 42nd Street, at 6:30pm tonight and buy a ticket or make a donation for the 7:00 pm show.

Facing Our Truth — Now Through Monday

5 Feb

As I mentioned last week, Facing Our Truth: 10-Minute Plays on Trayvon, Race, and Privilege will be opening tonight at The National Black Theatre in New York. In addition, one-night only readings of the plays will be presented by Woolly Mammoth Theatre/African Continuum Theatre Company in Washington, DC and The New World Performance Laboratory in Akron, OH.

Facing Our TruthOriginally commissioned by Keith Josef Adkins at The New Black Fest, these plays are all inspired by Trayvon Martin and the trial verdict of his shooter George Zimmerman. Not only are they incredible pieces of theatre trying desperately to make sense of injustice, but I get to see my play Some Other Kid presented with the work of friends whose talents have always amazed me. Please come see what Marcus Gardley, Mona Mansour, Dominique Morisseau, several other endlessly talented folks, and I have created and keep the issues of racial profiling and gun violence part of the national conversation.

Facing Our Truth runs February 5 – 10, and I will be at the opening  performance tonight and the closing performance on Monday. On the closing night performance, I’ll be joining the other playwrights for a talk back hosted by Piper Anderson. Click here for tickets and click here for an interview with the producers on ABC7.


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