Final Performances of Thunder

4 May

Sorry to have dropped off the map for a bit there. Things got hectic! I’m going to make it up to you by doing a post a day this weekend.

The most pressing matter: tonight and tomorrow are the final two performances of Thunder Above, Deeps Below at the Bindlestiff Studio in San Francisco. As I’ve mentioned before, the play is launching Bindlestiff’s Mainstage Program in their new state-of-the-art SoMa theatre. Audience reactions have been very warm, they got two positive write ups, and the show was an San Francisco Chronicle Theatre Pick of the Week. I had the pleasure of heading out there last month, and they have good reasons to be proud of this ambitious new program. Go show them some love!

A. Rey Pamatmat’s Thunder Above, Deeps Below at Bindlestiff Studio (Hyphen Magazine, April 16, 2012)

Bindlestiff Studio’s 2012 Production “Thunder Above, Deeps Below” is a Treasure (Examiner, April 15, 2012)

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