Edith and Thunder and Shotgun!

5 Aug

Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them and Thunder Above, Deeps Below are now available from Samuel French in pretty, pretty acting editions. It’s not my first time being published, but it is the first time my plays have appeared in individual editions. There’s something very grown up feeling about that. Get your copies on the Samuel French website or, if you’re in New York, at The Drama Book Shop.

I neglected to post these articles from The Reader and Broadway World about Ignition 2012.

Victory Gardens Cultivates the Next Big Thing (Chicago Reader, August 1, 2012)

Victory Gardens Theater’s IGNITION Festival Continues Through 8/12 (Broadway World, July 31, 2012)

My week in Chicago was a fun and productive one, and I was really able to dig into the play with excellent results. My heartfelt thanks go to Victory Gardens and everyone at Ignition 2012!

And, since I’m posting things a bit past their relevance, why don’t we go all the way back to Sacramento for a second. There was a review in Outword Magazine that is the first to actually mention outright one half of my secret Edith agenda (What? Secret agenda?!). I thought that was cool, so I’m sharing the review with you here.

B Street Triumphs With New Gay Play (Outword Magazine, June 2012)

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