Out of Joint It.42 — Studio 42, That Is

23 Nov


Yes, my monster of a time travel play Out of Joint is being read in Studio 42‘s aptly dubbed Unproducible Plays Series. Okay, yes, the short one-act version of Out of Joint has been produced, but let’s be frank: it’s a beast. And within a commercial New York City environment, it’s a challenge to present. So please come enjoy the bizarre 14-character, 7 set, time-bending adventure into the metaphysical souls of scientists, mall workers, refugees, and cult leaders.

Photo by Ben Arons

Photo by Ben Arons

Out of Joint

by A. Rey Pamatmat

directed by Victor Maog

Dr. Kajish creates a time travel formula to save mankind by giving it endless second chances. But as people skip indiscriminately through time humiliating enemies, saving lives, and negotiating perfect vacations, the universe unravels in this romp through the recent future, the distant present, and a past still to come.

with Monica Bergstrand, Lauren Blumenfeld, Cindy Cheung, Cleo Gray, Ethan Hova, Jennifer Lim, Peter Kim, Lakisha May, LeRoy McClain, Erik Olson, Christina Pumariega, David Ross, Michael Vitaly Sazanov, and Steve Stout

Presented by Studio 42 at the MTC Rehearsal Studios
311 West 43rd Street, 8th Floor
Sunday, November 24 @ 6:00 p.m.
Wine will be served!

This cast is truly stellar, so don’t miss out.

Oh, and you haven’t seen that photo before, have you? That’s from the workshop of the play Victor and I worked on with projection designer Jared Mezzochi at The Lark thanks to The Flea’s Bats and funding from The Princess Grace Foundation. That’s Crystal Arnette as Dr. Kajish sending a signal across the time plane from 00,000.00, a.k.a. the beginning of time, obviously. When I have a moment, I’ll add the rest of those photos to the Out of Joint gallery.

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