Super Exciting Double-Posting/Announcement Day, Part 2!!!

25 Feb

Milwaukee Rep LogoI sort of can’t believe it, but it’s on the Internet, so it must be real. Wait a minute… okay, so forget that first part and instead let’s say it’s real because I signed stuff. Like paper stuff. Now it’s real.

My play after all the terrible things I do will have it’s world premiere production at Milwaukee Repertory Theatre this fall. May Adrales, will be directing, reuniting us for our first major show since Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Here’s an additional link about the Rep’s season announcement in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

I know what some of you are thinking: Rey, did you write a play that you didn’t even tell us about? At all? To clear up any confusion, the play used to bear the title And Right Now, but I no longer felt that title served the whole vision of the play. So, yes, this is the play with Linda and Daniel in the bookstore wrestling with issues of bullying, forgiveness, and the truth in between the lines of fiction that was commissioned, developed, and read at South Coast Rep, the Lark Play Development Center‘s Playwrights Workshop, and (of course) in the Ma-Yi Writers Lab.

And so with thanks to all of those places, I hope you’ll join us at Milwaukee Rep in the fall to fully realize this script.

One Response to “Super Exciting Double-Posting/Announcement Day, Part 2!!!”

  1. Mark February 25, 2014 at 3:58 pm #

    Congratulations Rey..Awesome news!


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