Normal People Do terrible things

27 Sep

HurtTech for after all the terrible things I do has been proceeding apace, and it has been amazing to see the show coming together. I am utterly amazed by the work of my collaborators: Daniel Zimmerman on sets, Keith Parham on lights, Andre Pleuss on sound, and Mary Folino on costumes with our awesome stage manager Richelle Carlin Harrington keeping us all on task. I have little doubt that we will be ready to show this play to the world when previews and opening come around the corner!

To that end… come on over to The Milwaukee Rep, world, and see the show! To get the word out we’ve come up with some new images for the play and encourage you to tweet, post status updates, and hashtag the terrible things that you do.

PunchAs mentioned in my playwright’s note, when I started the play I was trying to understand bullies. Part of that understanding was wondering whether there were any deeds so horrible that there would be no second chance or redemption for their perpetrators. Everyone has done a terrible thing or two — what are the terrible things you’ve done? Do you regret it? Have you sought forgiveness or redemption? Did you get it? Tweet us @tellmyterrible, post to your favorite social media platform using #terriblethingsIdo, or click on and tell us about it.

KissI’ve also done a couple of interviews to get the word out about the play, including a lovely (but a little odd) conversation with Dominique Paul Noth at Urban Dial.

‘Rey’ Returns to the Midwest with Mystery and Magic (Urban Dial, September 24, 2014)

Sure my name is in quotations as though it were fake (it’s not even a diminutive — Rey is the whole thing, top to tail), it sounds like I went to Yale undergrad (I didn’t), and um… those quotes? They’re approximations of things I said. But I guess I’ve learned from the press thing to just be happy when journalists actually express the ideas I was expressing (he mostly is). I do want to point out, though, that at no time did I say The Milwaukee Rep was treating me royally. They have been awesome — don’t get me wrong — but if anyone started treating me like royalty I would start buying them cookies or finding ways to boost their self-esteem. I am allergic to privilege and entitlement and those words… I never said those words.

BetterAnd, finally, here’s a little announcement in Shepherd Express. Nothing new here, but it contains a quote that I actually said! How novel.

Rep’s World Premiere at the Stiemeke Studio (Shepherd Express, September 24, 2014)

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  1. jhon May 6, 2016 at 5:14 pm #

    i cheated on my slice of pizza

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