Nice Previews Before Our First terrible Preview

1 Oct

Break UpTonight is the night!

In anticipation of our first preview of after all the terrible things I do at 7:30pm this evening and our opening on Friday, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a preview article touching on the themes and inspirations for the play. Personally, I’m loving the Frank O’Hara shout outs!

Milwaukee Rep explores effects of bullying in ‘terrible things’ (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, October 1, 2014)

Another preview appeared in OnMilwaukee where my amazing (amazingamazingamazing) cast spoke with their Matt Mueller. I’m so touched by their compliments and am glad that the show has been so fun for them!

‘after all the terrible things I do’ brings tough issues to The Rep (, October 1, 2014)

We had a small invited dress rehearsal last night, and are excited for our first actual audience. There are still a few seats left — it being a preview and all — but, if I can be just a little bit braggy, we’re ready for people to come see the show. I’m not saying there won’t be any adjustments in the next couple of days, but they’re definitely the sorts of adjustments that come from watching people watch the show. So come buy tickets and come by the theatre tonight, and you’ll be doing us a favor.

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