A Shotgun New Year Before Edith Shoots Again

15 Dec

Every once in awhile I write a play that stuns people into a horrified silence. What can I say? Like Austin Powers, Danger is my middle name… yuk yuk.

My most recent play of this kind is The Shotgun Message, the murder mystery I wrote about teen camwhores, fathers and sons, and saviors who need saving. It is for noir lovers; it is not for the faint or heart. Luckily for me (and you?) the folks at The Private Theatre are of the stout-hearted sort, and they’ll be presenting a reading of this lurid trip to the underworld on Wednesday, January 7 to cap off their Winter Reading Series.  Evan Cummings is directing, and I’ll post more information once we’re cast!

ShotgunFollowing Shotgun‘s return, a certain 12-year-old girl with a gun will start making her way across the US again in productions of Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them at First Floor Theater in Chicago, Crowded Fire in San Francisco, Pandora Productions in Louisville, and the aforementioned Company One production in Boston. The San Francisco and Louisville productions have gotten a couple of mentions in American Theatre here and here (and take a look at the amazing playwrights and plays with whom I’m sharing seasons — WOW!).

Not a bad start for 2015, but I’ve got a couple of other irons in the fire, for which I’ll hopefully have something to show you soon! Until then, happiest of holiday to you and yours.

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