A Private Shotgun Reading

7 Jan

Tonight’s the night! I’m thrilled to be rehearsing all day and then presenting this filthy piece of sex panic-inducing anxiety in the living room of Kathleen Chalfant’s private Brooklyn home. No, really.

The reading was fully booked before you could say, “You’ve got mail!” However, there is a wait list and given the weather and this nasty flu that’s going around, I’m sure we’ll squeeze in anyone who shows up somehow (two of my own friends have already cancelled due to illness).

Details are below. Directions to the location will be sent to you after you RSVP.

DoughnutsThe Shotgun Message

by A. Rey Pamatmat

directed by Evan T. Cummings

Journalist Kent MacDonald is no saint and certainly no savior. At least he never meant to be until 17-year-old Jared — the primary source of his article on teenage camwhores — winds up missing after turning in his pedophile clients to the FBI. In a lurid world of online sex, naïve parents, and kids who know too much, it’s up to Kent to find Jared, bring him home, and save both their souls in the process.

with Dominic FumusaJennifer IkedaHarvey Gardner Moore, Teresa Avia Lim, and Jeffery Omura

Wednesday, January 7th @ 7:00 p.m.

RSVP to rsvp@theprivatetheater.org for location and directions.

One Response to “A Private Shotgun Reading”

  1. Austin Ku January 8, 2015 at 12:19 am #

    wonderful! sorry to have missed it, hope it went well!

    happy new year

    Austin Ku


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