Pre-Show Press Previews

21 May

Preview performances for The Huntington Theatre Company’s production of after all the terrible things I do begin tomorrow! As always, I’m equal parts excitement and nervousness, although you thankfully can’t tell in this behind the scenes video the HTC crew have put together.

The press office has also posted this article by Molly Fitzmaurice introducing my work to our new Boston audience, and an interview of Clint Ramos our amazing set and costume designer by Charles Haugland.

A. Rey Pamatmat Gets to the Heart

Creating the World: An Interview with Designer Clint Ramos

Thank you all for making me look good and sound smart and stuff!

Last but certainly not least, Dig Boston has published an interview with Zach Booth who is starring as Daniel. It is a very thoughtful take not just on his character but on the larger themes of the play.

Devil’s Advocate (Dig Boston, May 20, 2015)

Please enjoy reading these well-articulated ruminations rather than watching me pace in the corner muttering, “Preview tomorrow. Preview tomorrow. PreviewtomorrowpreviewtomorrowPREVIEWTOMORROW!!!” to myself.

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