Yellow Faces Talking Yellowface

23 Oct

[Hi! I’m cheating! After being swamped all winter, I’m retroactively adding some items of note to my website. This is one of them.]

ATFollowing a much disputed article on American Theatre regarding NYGASP’s recently cancelled yellowface Mikado and an eventual apology for that article by Rob Weinert-Kendt, Pun Bandhu and Angel Desai of AAPAC and I were invited to participate in an Offscript Podcast about the whole kerfuffle. I’m delighted to say that the result of the invitation was a productive dialogue led by Diep Tran that I hope is insightful to everyone out there in theatre-land.

Offscript: Who’s in the Room? (American Theatre, October 22, 2015)

I previously wrote about the controversy in an article for 2amt, if you’d like some further context.

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