I am What I am, but I Write What I Want

4 Nov

[Hi! I’m cheating! After being swamped all winter, I’m retroactively adding some items of note to my website. This is one of them.]

PWCThis past March I was asked by the Playwrights Center in Minneapolis to write an instructive piece for their member playwrights. I write such a wide/diverse range of characters, that they felt it would be helpful to explain the process. As it’s something that comes quite naturally to me, it took me quite some time to breakdown an intuitive process into simple, clear(-ish) guidelines. They have now made the article available on their site for anyone to read.

I’m not a first generation, Chinese-American lipstick lesbian working at a teen fashion magazine, I just wrote one for this scene (Playwrights Center, Playwrights Tool Kit)

In addition to thanking the Playwrights Center for believing in the piece, I would also like to thank Djola Branner, Elly Donkin, Will MacAdams, Natalie Sowell, and the students in the Theatre Department at Hampshire College. Last spring when I was writing the article, I spoke with their students and hearing some of their anxieties about writing characters beyond their life experience really helped me to solidify my thoughts for this piece.

I hope other writers find it useful!

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