I Am Bad at This, Part 1 of 2

21 Oct

I have not kept up with keeping you up, and I’m sorry. Here’s post one of two. First, Video FunFest!

Recently, I was honored to be part of Samuel French’s #IdentityWeek. Lydia Diamond, Damon Chua, Kimber Lee, and I all spoke a panel moderated by Pippin Parker entitled “Playwrights and Identity.” It seemed at first like such a daunting thing to talk about, and we all started out a bit tentative. Once we relaxed, though, we were all able to share experiences from the field and ideas about the future progress of theatre that I hope are useful to other artists.

I also went up with a bunch of other Ma-Yi Writers Lab folks to support Labbie Co-Director Mike Lew as he previews and opens Tiger-Style! at the Huntington. The Labbies did a post-show panel where you can hear us talk about what we’re writing, why the Lab kicks ass, why Tiger-Style! kicks ass, and how to survive in the theatre. The video is archived here:

Conversation About Mike Lew’s Tiger-Style! with Ma-Yi Writers Lab Members

Finally, support a Fair Wage Onstage! A crew of Actors Equity members are campaigning for a living wage Off-Broadway. I recorded the following ally video to lend a perspective from the rehearsal rooms of artists of color. Help keep theatre artists in the theatre and level the playing field for talented performers of all classes, genders, races, and ethnicities.

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