I Am Bad at This, Part 2 of 2

24 Oct

Next, Actors Theatre of Louisville fun times and more!

First, tonight and tomorrow a play I wrote for the Actors Theatre of Louisville’s New Play Project will be performed by their Professional Training Company. It’s a quirky, site specific piece called Gratuitous Nudity and the Undisclosed Costs of Questioning Surveillance Rather Than Bad Broccoli and you can get tickets to the four performances here. It’s a little bit about broccoli, a whole lot about surveillance, and the the apprentice actors and director Sammy Zeisel are doing some excellent work. Come see them shine!

I also have a reading coming up on November 17th as part of Ma-Yi’s Fall LabFest. Details are still being worked out for that, but I promise I’ll keep you posted this time.

* * * * *

Gratuitous Nudity... Bad Broccoli

Gratuitous Nudity and the Undisclosed Costs of Questioning Surveillance Rather Than Bad Broccoli

by A. Rey Pamatmat
directed by Sammy Zeisel

A group of people who have done nothing wrong are being watched like they’ve done everything wrong. They grapple with government surveillance, its benefits and compromises, and the clever ways you can use metadata to find out things about your friends, family, mortal enemies, strangers, and assassination targets.

with Jenn Geiger, Kevin Kantor, Sam Kotansky, Anna Lentz, Kathiamarice Lopez, and Laakan McHardy

Presented by The Actors Theatre of Louisville

The Louisville Nature Center
3745 Illinois Avenue
Louisville, KY
Monday, October 24th @ 7pm and 9pm
Tuesday, October 25th @ 2pm and 4pm

The performances are FREE but ticketed and open to the public. Please call the Box Office at (502) 584-1205 for more information.

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