after all the terrible things I do

Milwaukee Repertory Theatre’s 14/15 Stiemke Season

Print Reviews

“A. Rey Pamatmat’s smart, sensitive, and well-acted after all the terrible things I do… is at its best in chronicling the consequent psychic cost — for Daniel and all those around him — of a world where being gay invites bullying and abuse, some of it recounted here in harrowing flashbacks that will disturb anyone who has witnessed, participated in or been victimized by bullying, which means pretty much all of us.”
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“[after all the terrible things I do] whisks by so quickly it almost catches you off guard. It’s that riveting… There are enough unexpected plot twists to earn the play a place in the ‘thriller’ section of Linda’s bookstore.”
Wisconsin Gazette

“…masterfully realistic and surprising plotting and dialogue… after all the terrible things I do is not an abstract exploration of other people’s problems, but rather an exhortation to change our society by realizing the truth that that which is different is equally valid and worthy of respect.”
Express Milwaukee

Internet and Blog Reviews

“Incredible, indescribable, infuriating, inflammatory, intense… A. Rey Pamatmat’s play… decimates an audience’s perception of a culture, gender, race and sexual preferences…”
Broadway World

“Searing… [after all the terrible things I do] invites you along for a leisurely walk among the marigolds and then, with a sudden twist of the fates, stops you in your tracks and slaps you right in the face.”

“A. Rey Pamatmat’s new play, after all the terrible things I do, set[s] its two characters on a path toward forgiveness and love… [and] compellingly charts the tangles and hazards of that path. ”

“…this carefully crafted story underscores the anguish suffered by those who are different and therefore bullied by a judgmental and myopic society… It is powerful and beautifully rendered…”
Greater Milwaukee Today

Preview Articles

Milwaukee Rep explores effects of bullying in ‘terrible things’
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

‘after all the terrible things I do’ brings tough issues to The Rep

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