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Edith Press, a Final terrible Week in Boston, and House Rules, Round 2

16 Jun

Edith34Company One’s Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them is in full swing, and Boston is loving it!

Review: Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them (Theatermania, June 15, 2015)

Theater: Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them (Joyce’s Choices, June 12, 2015)

Company One’s ‘Edith Can Shoot Things” hits the spot (Wicked Local, June 8, 2015)

They’ve got two weeks left in their run. Click here for tickets and info about some special events coming up. I only wish I could make it up to Boston one last time to see them!

Also, if you haven’t caught after all the terrible things I do at The Huntington yet, this week is your final chance. THIS IS THE FINAL WEEK. GO. NOW. GO. They’ve continued to get one impressive notice after another.

Thank you to all those folks who have reached out to personally tell me your stories and the connections you made with both plays. Even when one writes something meaningful to oneself, it’s such a surprise when it’s so meaningful to others.

Speaking of personal connections, we’ve got one more reading of House Rules at The Lark today at 3:00pm. Come on down and laugh with me in the face of death! And maybe cry a little. The cast had an amazing first go at it last night, and I learned so much from that audience. I’d love for you to take part in this stage of the play’s development, too, as we bring it into the world.

after all the terrible things I do is ‘layered’ and ‘riveting’

5 Jun
Opening Shift

Tina Chilip and Zach Booth in after all the terrible things I do. Photo by T. Charles Erickson.

The reviews of The Huntington’s production of after all the terrible things I do have been encouragingly positive! It’s never the point, but it’s always a relief.

A layered ‘terrible things’ at the Huntington (Boston Globe, June 5, 2015)

Riveting Examination of Guilt and Forgiveness in ‘terrible things’ at the Huntington (WBUR The ARTery, June 5, 2015)

When the Huntington and Company One put the “celebration” idea together, the extent to which people would be wondering whether my work was worth celebrating never really set in. All I really thought was, “Oh, yay — two productions at once! I’ll be busy in May/June, and I’ll have money for cookies!” Thankfully, though…

All in all, “terrible things,’’ whose title is drawn from a Frank O’Hara poem, confirms that Pamatmat warrants the copious attention being paid to him in Boston at the moment.

—The Boston Globe

Opening Shift 2

Photo by T. Charles Erickson.


If the Huntington and Company One are positing that [Pamatmat’s] is an important new voice to hear, this production of “after all the terrible things I do” makes the first half of a convincing case.

— The ARTery

Also, as mentioned previously Company One’s Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them started previews last night and will open tomorrow. And tonight is BosTEEN night, so send your younglings to the Calderwood where students can get $10 tickets to the show!

Finally, I haven’t mentioned a workshop I have coming up yet, because it seemed so far in the future. And now, wouldn’t you know it, it’s right around the corner! The Lark is mounting a Studio Retreat of my newest play House Rules with public presentations on June 15 @ 7pm and June 16 @ 3pm. Once Edith is open and casting is set for the Studio Retreat, I’ll post something more official. For now, you can reserve a spot for either showing on The Lark’s website.

It’s Opening Night Week!

2 Jun

image001It’s my last week in Boston, and I’m making the most of it! There are several special events this week for both after all the terrible things I do and Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them.

You’ll notice that many of the events are appealing pretty directly to people of color, queers, young people… young people of color, queer young people, queer people of color, and young, queer people of color. Obviously, that’s on purpose. THIS IS THEATRE FOR US — I’m making theatre for us.

First, let’s knock these out, calendar-style! There are clickable links in all of the listings, so click.

Wednesday, June 3
7pm: after all the terrible things I do Opening Night

Thursday, June 4
4pm: Theater Talk with WBUR’s Ed Siegel, featuring Peter DuBois (director of terrible things), Shawn LaCount (director of Edith), and me
8pm: Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them First Preview Performance (also terrible things Performance)

Friday, June 5
6pm: Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them BosTEEN Artist Night (also 8pm terrible things Performance)

Saturday, June 6 (Double Feature Day!)
2pm: after all the terrible things I do Performance
8pm: Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them Opening Night

Sunday, June 7 (Double the Identity Politics, Double the Features Day!)
2pm: Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them Performance (also terrible things Performance)
4pm: A post-show conversation with members of the Ma-Yi Writers Lab
7pm: after all the terrible things I do LGBTQ Youth Night, including a post-show talkback with the playwright (me!)

I mean, talk about a week, right? THAT’S A M*****F****** WEEK.

BosTEENNext, let’s talk about a couple of these in-depth, because 1) there are ticket discounts and 2) there’s important reasoning behind some of these events. The 6/6 BosTEEN Artist Night isn’t just a performance of Edith. The night also includes a social with refreshments, activities, and opportunities to meet the creative team, plus it’s all available to students for $10.

MA-YIAlso, here’s more info about the 4pm conversation featuring my beloved Labbies (and me):

Join the Huntington Theatre Company and Company One Theatre for a compelling discussion with Ma-Yi Writers Lab, the largest resident company of Asian-American playwrights, about the themes of the shows and Asian-American playwriting following the 2pm performances of after all the terrible things I do and Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them. The conversation will be moderated by Mike Lew, co-director of the Ma-Yi Writers Lab.

If you are double featuring, you can use code MAYI20 for $20 tickets for Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them at 2pm and code MAYI25 for $25 tickets for after all the terrible things I do at 7pm.

The Labbies and I want word of this talk to spread to all of the artists of color in the Boston area. We know there are young artists of color and multi- and biracial artists of color who don’t know that there are people out there telling the stories we tell on the terms that we set. Help me reach out to those folks! If you have colleagues, students, professors, apprentices, mentors, artists, or just weirdos who need to get together and talk about making art in America (and having a shit ton of fun at the same time), please send them our way. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

LockersFinally, the LGBTQ Youth Night for terrible things is an evening that the Huntington is putting together with the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Youth (BAGLY), the Theater Offensive, and other queer youth programs. After the evening performance of terrible things dramaturg Charles Haugland and I will conduct a post-show discussion, too, to talk about themes addressed in the play including growing up LGBT, bullying in school and life, redemption, and forgiveness. There’s no code, but the groups mentioned above are getting a group rate, so if you contact them to join us on 6/7, you can make friends and come with a crew.

All right, Boston! I’m comin’ atcha STRONG. Join me in a full on theatre takeover and let’s have a week this city will never forget!

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut. Sometimes You OM.

26 May

You. People.

You AMAZING people.

after all the terrible things I do and Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them, their directors, and I got amazing coverage in last Friday’s Boston Globe (sorry, I was going into previews and didn’t have a chance to let you know sooner).

A double feature from playwright Pamatmat, (The Boston Globe, May 21, 2015)

Maria Jan Carreon (as Edith) and Gideon Bautista (as Kenny) in “Edith.” (Paul Fox)

Maria Jan Carreon (as Edith) and Gideon Bautista (as Kenny) in “Edith.” (Paul Fox)

I’m delighted to say that for once — even though I sound like a bit of a nut — I actually sound like myself! WOW. That’s just weird. The yoga thing makes me look crazy. The relationship to my plays and autobiography make me sound like Daniel (in terrible things). All in all, though, these are all things I said and meant to say.

WBUR has also published a wonderful article about the shows and my work with thoughts from the directors and casts of both plays. It is so encouraging to hear them say publicly how happy they are to portray characters of color I’ve written. I’m just grateful to be given the chance to bring these characters to new audiences and to them for taking on these voices in my head!

The Huntington And Company One Bring Pamatmat To Boston, (WBUR’s The ARTery, May 26, 2015)

Tina Chilip plays Linda in

Tina Chilip plays Linda in “all the terrible things I do.” (Paul Marotta)

Our first weekend of previews for terrible things was a great success with not only a positive response to every preview performance, but with talkbacks attended by people who totally understood and emotionally connected with the play! We’ve got 9 previews left between now and next Tuesday. Come join us, the show is absolutely ready, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Which brings me back to that first, “You. People.” I want to say thanks to you all for your support for and attention to my work. Being able to articulate myself clearly both about my plays and about being an artist of color is directly related to your engagement. I look forward to whatever future engagements we may have.

OM. Shanti, shanti, shanti. OM. (It’s a joke. Read the top of The Globe article. Also, in that regard, I’ve been practicing in Boston at Down Under Yoga in Brookline. The teachers have been very welcoming, and it’s been a wonderful place to maintain my practice. Check them out the next time you’re in the area!)

Pre-Show Press Previews

21 May

Preview performances for The Huntington Theatre Company’s production of after all the terrible things I do begin tomorrow! As always, I’m equal parts excitement and nervousness, although you thankfully can’t tell in this behind the scenes video the HTC crew have put together.

The press office has also posted this article by Molly Fitzmaurice introducing my work to our new Boston audience, and an interview of Clint Ramos our amazing set and costume designer by Charles Haugland.

A. Rey Pamatmat Gets to the Heart

Creating the World: An Interview with Designer Clint Ramos

Thank you all for making me look good and sound smart and stuff!

Last but certainly not least, Dig Boston has published an interview with Zach Booth who is starring as Daniel. It is a very thoughtful take not just on his character but on the larger themes of the play.

Devil’s Advocate (Dig Boston, May 20, 2015)

Please enjoy reading these well-articulated ruminations rather than watching me pace in the corner muttering, “Preview tomorrow. Preview tomorrow. PreviewtomorrowpreviewtomorrowPREVIEWTOMORROW!!!” to myself.

Pamatmat Double Feature!

6 May

As stated previously:


maxresdefaultThe Huntington is in rehearsals for the New England premiere of after all the terrible things I do, Company One is in rehearsals for Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them, and I can barely believe that in one month’s time you will be able to see two of my plays running simultaneously at the Boston Center for the Arts’ Calderwood Pavilion. This Spring Arts Preview in the Improper Bostonian says it’s true, though, so… And there’s this fancy-schmancy write up in American Theatre(!):

A. Rey Pamatmat Looks Behind ‘all the terrible things’ for Answers, American Theatre, April 30, 2015

Rehearsals at the Huntington are an intense reminder of both how terrifying and hopeful this play can be, and I’m eager to share it with a whole new audience. I’ve also had the great pleasure this past month of meeting with the Company One folks (including the Edith cast) and am thrilled to have my play in such considerate, caring hands.

edith-slider2To that end, check out this amazing rehearsal blog the Company One dramaturgy team have put together. In one way it’s insane seeing the varied influences for a play (and life) analyzed in such depth, but in another it’s enormously comforting. Is it possible to feel so deeply understood by a handful of articles on the Internet?

Finally, the performance schedules have been set, and there are six double feature opportunities on June 6, 7, 10, 13, 17, and 20. You may also, of course, see terrible things on it’s own May 22 – June 21 or Edith on it’s own June 4 – 27, but we are trying to put together panels and events for those double feature days, if you wanted to make a whole outing of it. I’ll post that info when it’s available.

Spread the word, Boston! We’re all so grateful for the hospitality and would like to repay it with an evening (or two) of fun and surprises.

More terrible News

18 Mar

logoCheck out the Huntington Theatre Company’s official season announcement in the Boston Globe. If you skip to the end, you’ll see that finishing off their 2014 – 15 slate of plays is none other than after all the terrible things I do! After years of getting to know beautiful, brick red Boston through my visits to Cambridge and the A.R.T. Institute, I’m so delighted to be able to give the city on a hill it’s first look at my work. And, of course, I’m absolutely thrilled that it’s through this play. I’m also excited that Huntington’s Artistic Director Peter DuBois is directing. The work he’s been doing at the theatre (and beyond) has been so emotional, intelligent, and dangerous — the perfect combination for this play.

Broadway World also has the announcement with in depth looks at all of the Huntington’s 2014 – 15 plays. It even includes a quote that makes me sound a bit stuffy. But I did actually say exactly what they printed, so what can you do?

I can’t wait to start out 2014 – 15 as a cheesehead in Milwaukee and finish it out in Beantown. I’m like a burrito.

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