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February Readings Coast to Coast

7 Feb

I’ve got two reading coming up! Here are the deets…

The Magic Theatre’s Asian Explosion 2012 begins this Thursday and includes a reading of the full-length version of Out of Joint (which was originally presented as a one-act at Perry-Mansfield this past summer). The reading will be directed by Sean San Jose of Intersection for the Arts and will feature a full cast of 14 actors. Yeah. 14. What am I nuts?

Out of Joint

by A. Rey Pamatmat

directed by Sean San Jose

Dr. Kajish creates a time travel formula to save mankind by giving it endless second chances. But as people skip indiscriminately through time humiliating enemies, saving lives, and negotiating perfect vacations, the universe unravels in this romp through the recent future, the distant present, and a past still to come.

with Byron Abalos, Lauren Bloom, Catherine Castellanos, William Dao, Stephanie Dermott, Kat Evasco, Alex Hsu, Anna Ishida, Danielle Levin, Melissa Locsin, Stephen Muterspaugh, Brian Rivera, Liz Sklar, and Katie Tkel

At The Magic Theatre, Friday, February 10 @ 5:30 p.m. For more information please call the box office at (415) 441-8822

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If you happen to be a resident of my home coast (east, that is) and can’t catch my time travel shenanigans in San Francisco, don’t fret! Ma-Yi Theatre Company is doing a reading of The Shotgun Message two weeks later as part of the winter spate of LabFest Readings. For this one, I’ll be reunited with my long-time collaborator Pat Diamond, so it’s a bit of a family affair. We aren’t fully cast for this one yet, but I’ll let you know when we are!

The Shotgun Message

by A. Rey Pamatmat

directed by Pat Diamond

Journalist Kent MacDonald is no saint and certainly no savior. At least he never meant to be until 17-year-old Jared — the primary source of his article on teenage camwhores — winds up missing after turning in his pedophile clients to the FBI. In a lurid world of online sex, naïve parents, and kids who know too much, it’s up to Kent to find Jared, bring him home, and save both their souls in the process.

Presented by Ma-Yi Theatre Company at The Beckett Theatre, 410 West 42nd Street, Saturday, February 25 @ 2:30 p.m.

Two very different plays on two very different coasts. I’d love to see you at either or both!

Hello 2012!

7 Jan

Happy new year, everyone!

To start things off right, here’s a press release from Mu Performing Arts regarding their upcoming production of Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them, the fourth and final production of the NNPN Rolling World Premier (but not the final production of Edith in 2012 — hooray!). There is a great passage about director Randy Reyes’s personal connection to the play that makes me believe we’re in good hands in Minnesota. If all goes as planned, I’ll be in Minneapolis for the opening night in March!

In other news, that previously mentioned first public reading of my murder mystery The Shotgun Message as part of Ma-Yi‘s LabFest series will be in mid-February. I also have a couple of visits to San Francisco in my near future; one in early February for a reading of Out of Joint at The Magic and a second in April for the Bindlestiff Studio’s West Coast premiere of Thunder Above, Deeps Below! I’ll post details for all of these opportunities to catch my work as they become available. Spring 2012 will then come to a close with B Street Theatre’s presentation of Edith in Sacramento, CA.

Finally, here’s a last little morsel from 2011: Manbites Dog’s production of Edith was honored in IndyWeek’s “Best  Triangle Theater of 2011” list for Best Direction, Best Ensemble, and Best Production! Congratulations to Jeff Storer and the cast for their amazing work.

I hope your 2012 is off to as excellent a start as mine!

Edith in Virgin Plays 2011

26 Feb

I’m in the midst of rehearsals at the Humana Festival for the world premiere of Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them, which might be a little tough for you West Coasters to catch. Aren’t you glad that The Magic Theatre is giving the play a reading this Spring? I sure am!

You can find details about all of the plays being developed in the 2011 Virgin Plays Series here. In addition to my play, check out Lloyd Suh’s Jesus in India, billed as “a Biblical prequel that looks at the world’s most famous rebel before he found a cause.” I caught a reading of an early draft of the play and fell in love.  The reading of Edith… will be on March 28, and I’ll see you there in San Francisco!

If you are able to make it to Louisville for the Humana Festival, you can buy tickets here. Some performances are already sold out, so snap ’em up soon!

A Biblical prequel that looks at the world’s most famous rebel before he found his cause.
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