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Edith and Thunder and Shotgun!

5 Aug

Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them and Thunder Above, Deeps Below are now available from Samuel French in pretty, pretty acting editions. It’s not my first time being published, but it is the first time my plays have appeared in individual editions. There’s something very grown up feeling about that. Get your copies on the Samuel French website or, if you’re in New York, at The Drama Book Shop.

I neglected to post these articles from The Reader and Broadway World about Ignition 2012.

Victory Gardens Cultivates the Next Big Thing (Chicago Reader, August 1, 2012)

Victory Gardens Theater’s IGNITION Festival Continues Through 8/12 (Broadway World, July 31, 2012)

My week in Chicago was a fun and productive one, and I was really able to dig into the play with excellent results. My heartfelt thanks go to Victory Gardens and everyone at Ignition 2012!

And, since I’m posting things a bit past their relevance, why don’t we go all the way back to Sacramento for a second. There was a review in Outword Magazine that is the first to actually mention outright one half of my secret Edith agenda (What? Secret agenda?!). I thought that was cool, so I’m sharing the review with you here.

B Street Triumphs With New Gay Play (Outword Magazine, June 2012)

Shotgun Hits Ignition Tonight

4 Aug

Ignition 2012 kicked off last night with a lovely reading from Martin Zimmerman, continues this afternoon with a play by new Ma-Yi Labbie Lauren Yee, and then finishes off its first week tonight with me! As previously mentioned, my theatre noir The Shotgun Message is part of Ignition 2012. Here are the details, please come out to Victory Gardens, bring friends, and spread the word!

The Shotgun Message

by A. Rey Pamatmat

directed by Henry Wishcamper

Journalist Kent MacDonald is no saint and certainly no savior. At least he never meant to be until 17-year-old Jared — the primary source of his article on teenage camwhores — winds up missing after turning in his pedophile clients to the FBI. In a lurid world of online sex, naïve parents, and kids who know too much, it’s up to Kent to find Jared, bring him home, and save both their souls in the process.

with Esteban Andres Cruz, Daniel Desmarais, Marc Grapey, Leah Karpel, and Jennifer Shin

Presented by Victory Gardens at The Biograph Theater, 2433 Lincoln Avenue, Saturday, August 4 @ 7:00 p.m.

For tickets and information on all the Ignition 2012 readings, click here.

Tickets are $5 and there’s a cash bar (with drinks allowed in the theater — thank god for civilization). We have a great team — both in terms of the company and (as always) the awesome Victory Gardens staff. So pop in, enjoy the work, and let us know how we’ve done!


24 Jul

I’ll be flying to Chicago this Sunday to begin a workshop of my play The Shotgun Message as part of the 2012 Ignition Festival at Victory Gardens Theatre. You may recall that Victory Gardens was one of the very first theaters to hop on the Edith train in 2010, so I am beyond excited to be returning to the Festival this time around. The play will have a public staged reading on Saturday, May 4th at 7:00 PM. If you’re in the Chicago area, I hope you’ll join us. There are also two other readings that weekend and two more the following weekend. You can see the full details and get tickets here.

In other news, I spent the beginning of July at South Coast Repertory Theatre where we did a closed door reading of And Right Now that was a real treat. I then got to know the 1st year MFA Acting and Dramaturgy candidates at the A.R.T. Institute, who will be helping me in the development of a new play this fall.  And last week I ran up to The Lark‘s New York Stage & Film Retreat where I churned out fifty pages of a new play and got to know a great group of artists. All in all, it’s been a great month, and I can’t wait to cap it off with Ignition 2012.

I’ll post more details when casting is finalized. I hope to see you there!

Edith Reading Tomorrow at Ignition 2010

20 Aug

As mentioned previously, Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them is part of Victory Gardens’ 2010 Ignition Festival this year (yahoo!). Our reading is tomorrow night, Saturday, August 21st at 7:30 PM. Come join us! And bring your friends! And their friends! And their loose acquaintances! Maybe even their enemies, if you like!

Saturday August 21, 7:30pm
A Reading of Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them by A. Rey Pamatmat

Directed by Lisa Peterson

Starring Christine Bunuan, Kroydell Galima, and Alex Weisman

Three kids are all but abandoned on a farm in remotest Middle America. But when Edith shoots something she really shouldn’t shoot, the formerly indifferent outside world comes barging in — whether they want it to or not.

Ignition Press

14 Aug

An article in the Chicago Sun-Times was printed yesterday about the week ahead! Check it out by clicking below:

Victory Gardens Theater turns key on second Ignition Festival, Chicago Sun-Times, (Friday, August 13, 2010)

I’ve never been quoted before! That’s pretty neat. But also kind of interesting. While, yes, I was talking about new audiences, I was also largely talking about peers at that point in the interview — meeting the other participating writers, theater folks in a different city, and so on. So it’s not exactly a misrepresentation of what I said, but it is skewed more towards me sounding like, “Hey, Chicago! Look at my play!” Not that that’s a bad thing because I would like to say:

“Hey, Chicago! Look at my play!”

Here are a few other links to some other press from when the Festival was announced. These just reprint the press release, though, for the most part.

Six New Plays Picked for Victory Gardens Ignition Festival, Playbill, (August 10, 2010)

Victory Gardens Presents 2010 Ignition Festival, 8/18 – 22, Broadway World, (August 4, 2010)

Victory Gardens’ 2010 Ignition Festival

12 Aug

In five days, I’m off to Chicago to start rehearsals for my play Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them, which will be read as part of the 2010 Ignition Festival on Saturday, August 21st @ 7:30 PM. Lisa Peterson is directing. A list of all of the festival plays is below (click to make it bigger).

As you can see, there will be a scene sampler on the first night of the Festival (Wednesday) to help you figure out what plays are up your alley. I will be at both the sampler and my reading (and most of the others), so I hope to see you there. Feel free to say hi!

Ignition 2010

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