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Shorts to End the Summer

14 Aug

As previously mentioned, my play We Have Cookies will be at The Yale Summer Cabaret this weekend as part of their Summer Shorts Festival. The Festival consists of two series of plays, A and B, and We Have Cookies will be in Series B, performing Friday at 8, Saturday at 4, and Sunday at 8. At the afternoon and evening performances Saturday and Sunday, you can marathon both Series A and B in order to enjoy all of these delightful nuggets by Yale School of Drama alumni.

SummerShortsFrom the Yale Summer Cabaret: “To close our season, we are thrilled to bring a four-day festival of brand new short plays by six groundbreaking playwrights whose work was first nurtured and developed at the Yale School of Drama. We believe these playwrights are truly the voices of the future, and the festival will bring their new visionary works to the Cabaret stage. It is an end-of-the-summer, end-of-season Bacchanalia not to be missed.”

Performances of Series A begin tonight, and I’ll be at the Series B performance Sunday night at 8 — come along and join us!

smiley-cookiesWe Have Cookies

by A. Rey Pamatmat

directed by Jessica Holt

Iris has cookies. Blink does, too. Look at all these cookies! How can all the horrors of this modern age happen when we have cookies?

with Jenelle Chu and Annelise Lawson

Part of the Yale Summer Cabaret’s Summer Shorts Festival, Series B
217 Park Street
New Haven, CT
Friday, August 15 @ 8p.m., Saturday, August 16 @ 4p.m.,
and Sunday, August 17 @ 8 p.m.

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