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Speak the Speech. Or Read It.

12 Apr

There’s been some amazing signal boosting on social media of the speech I delivered at the Humana Festival a few weeks ago. In addition, American Theatre Magazine and the lovely Lark folks have brought it to folks I wouldn’t have reached on my own.

How to Be an Artist in a World that Hates You (American Theatre, April 10, 2018)

The Lark Blog: Loving What You Hate When It Hates You, Too

Thank you to everyone for your inspiring and kind responses. I’m glad I was able to talk about things that we’re all feeling and am hopeful that we can keep forging ahead. GOOOOOOOOO TEAM!

It’s Opening Night Week!

2 Jun

image001It’s my last week in Boston, and I’m making the most of it! There are several special events this week for both after all the terrible things I do and Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them.

You’ll notice that many of the events are appealing pretty directly to people of color, queers, young people… young people of color, queer young people, queer people of color, and young, queer people of color. Obviously, that’s on purpose. THIS IS THEATRE FOR US — I’m making theatre for us.

First, let’s knock these out, calendar-style! There are clickable links in all of the listings, so click.

Wednesday, June 3
7pm: after all the terrible things I do Opening Night

Thursday, June 4
4pm: Theater Talk with WBUR’s Ed Siegel, featuring Peter DuBois (director of terrible things), Shawn LaCount (director of Edith), and me
8pm: Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them First Preview Performance (also terrible things Performance)

Friday, June 5
6pm: Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them BosTEEN Artist Night (also 8pm terrible things Performance)

Saturday, June 6 (Double Feature Day!)
2pm: after all the terrible things I do Performance
8pm: Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them Opening Night

Sunday, June 7 (Double the Identity Politics, Double the Features Day!)
2pm: Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them Performance (also terrible things Performance)
4pm: A post-show conversation with members of the Ma-Yi Writers Lab
7pm: after all the terrible things I do LGBTQ Youth Night, including a post-show talkback with the playwright (me!)

I mean, talk about a week, right? THAT’S A M*****F****** WEEK.

BosTEENNext, let’s talk about a couple of these in-depth, because 1) there are ticket discounts and 2) there’s important reasoning behind some of these events. The 6/6 BosTEEN Artist Night isn’t just a performance of Edith. The night also includes a social with refreshments, activities, and opportunities to meet the creative team, plus it’s all available to students for $10.

MA-YIAlso, here’s more info about the 4pm conversation featuring my beloved Labbies (and me):

Join the Huntington Theatre Company and Company One Theatre for a compelling discussion with Ma-Yi Writers Lab, the largest resident company of Asian-American playwrights, about the themes of the shows and Asian-American playwriting following the 2pm performances of after all the terrible things I do and Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them. The conversation will be moderated by Mike Lew, co-director of the Ma-Yi Writers Lab.

If you are double featuring, you can use code MAYI20 for $20 tickets for Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them at 2pm and code MAYI25 for $25 tickets for after all the terrible things I do at 7pm.

The Labbies and I want word of this talk to spread to all of the artists of color in the Boston area. We know there are young artists of color and multi- and biracial artists of color who don’t know that there are people out there telling the stories we tell on the terms that we set. Help me reach out to those folks! If you have colleagues, students, professors, apprentices, mentors, artists, or just weirdos who need to get together and talk about making art in America (and having a shit ton of fun at the same time), please send them our way. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

LockersFinally, the LGBTQ Youth Night for terrible things is an evening that the Huntington is putting together with the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Youth (BAGLY), the Theater Offensive, and other queer youth programs. After the evening performance of terrible things dramaturg Charles Haugland and I will conduct a post-show discussion, too, to talk about themes addressed in the play including growing up LGBT, bullying in school and life, redemption, and forgiveness. There’s no code, but the groups mentioned above are getting a group rate, so if you contact them to join us on 6/7, you can make friends and come with a crew.

All right, Boston! I’m comin’ atcha STRONG. Join me in a full on theatre takeover and let’s have a week this city will never forget!

Haiyan Aid, Social Justice, and Some News

27 Jan

I realize it’s a bit belated, but happy New Year to you all! There are a lot of things coming up this late winter/early spring, so get out your calendars!

Fishing BoatsFirst some news: at the beginning of this year, I was appointed co-Director of the Ma-Yi Writer’s Lab. I have been a member of the Lab since it’s founding by Sung Rno, and I’m looking forward to advocating for a group of writers for whom I have an unmeasurable amount of admiration, respect, and love. To kick off 2014, Ma-Yi is holding a benefit for the victims and survivors of Hurricane Yolanda/Typhoon Haiyan. It will feature new short plays by Labbies and will be hosted by Playwrights Horizons on February 17, 2014. Save the date and find preliminary information here.

In terms of shows, the first of a few of my short works that will be produced in 2014 goes up next month. From February 5 – 10, The National Black Theater will be presenting Facing Our Truth: 10-Minute Plays on Trayvon, Race, and Privilege. The evening includes my play Some Other Kid, which was commissioned by The New Black Fest following the George Zimmerman verdict last fall. I join the folks at the NBT for the opening night celebration on February 5th and for a panel discussion on February 10th. I’d love to see you there!

Photo by Paul Bestock

Photo by Paul Bestock

And, finally, I’m delighted for The Seattle Public Theater whose production of Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them won two Gypsy Rose Lee Awards. They brought home the 2013 awards for Excellence in Overall Theatre Production (Small Company), and Jose Abaoaog received Lead Actor for his portrayal of Kenny. They have all my congratulations and  endless thanks for sharing Edith with Seattle!

There will be more to announce in the weeks to come. Watch this space!

The Future is NOW

8 Jun

CautionaryFurther to the Howlround interview I posted about last week, I will be making an appearance at The Flea Theater tomorrow night after the 7:00pm performance of A Cautionary Tail by christopher oscar peña. Chris and I, along with a bevy of playwrights that are diverse in more ways than you can imagine, will be on a panel called “‘We live in the future’: ethnicity in New American playwriting.”

I hope that you’ll join us! The performance before is currently sold out, but I have gone on standby at The Flea many times, and I have always gotten in.

[And for those of you wondering: yes, the title of the post is a movie reference. It’s my favorite of that writer-director team.]

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